Residential Plaza at Blue Lagoon is a non-profit assisted living facility powered by Assistance to the Elderly, Inc, a 501(c)(3) organization. We have been providing exceptional care for South Florida’s low- and moderate-income senior and disabled adult population since 1990.

As the largest licensed assisted living facility in the nation serving a predominantly Hispanic population, Residential Plaza provides the location, services, amenities, and experience that make it easy for residents to stay connected and enthusiastic about their lives. We proudly offer the elderly, as well as disabled adults, an alternative yet affordable lifestyle with personalized care and health supervision, when they are no longer able to independently care for themselves at home.

Our mission is to provide a home that allows elders to live in a safe, caring, and supportive environment while maintaining their dignity, independence, and purpose.



I would like to thank each of you for the kindness, support, and compassion with which you treated my mother, especially the angels on the 13th floor that always treated us with so much love. God bless you all! My family and I will be eternally grateful.


Gustavo Gatell and Family


We welcome your tax-deductible donations to help provide an affordable and supportive living environment for South Florida’s senior population and/or those who require assistance with their daily living needs. Your generosity makes a big difference in supporting our mission to provide a safe, vibrant community.

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