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In preparation for the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season (June 1- November 30, 2024), we reviewed and updated our emergency plans, including the Hurricane Preparedness Plan. Our plans comply with local and state guidelines and consider residents’ needs and well-being.

The Emergency Preparedness Policy and Procedures establishes that every resident may designate a visitor who is a family member, friend, guardian, or another individual as an essential caregiver who will be allowed to visit during emergencies.

Even though all residents and family members will be informed promptly whenever the Administration considers it necessary to place in effect the Emergency Preparedness Policy and Procedures, to allow you to designate or update your Essential Caregiver, we encourage you to have an assigned Essential Caregiver to expedite the process in those situations.

Emergency Preparedness
Policy and Procedures

Residential Plaza is committed to providing a safe and secure living environment for its residents. The emergency preparedness policy is designed to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all residents in case of an emergency. The Emergency Preparedness Policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure it complies with local and state guidelines and meets the changing needs of the residents.

Any changes to Residential Plaza’s Emergency Preparedness Policy will be promptly communicated to residents and essential caregiver visitors.

Updated 4/26/23

Please complete the following forms:

If you selected “Yes” in Exhibit A, indicating that you will designate an essential caregiver, please complete Exhibit B (Designation of the Essential Caregiver) and ensure that the essential caregiver completes Exhibit C (Acceptance of the Role by the Essential Caregiver).

During an emergency, we team up with families to provide options for our residents’ safety.

Is your loved one staying at Residential Plaza?

Note that an evacuation is a possibility. Residential Plaza has a comprehensive emergency evacuation plan that includes transportation and relocation of our residents to assigned hotels and other long-term care facilities. An emergency evacuation can be challenging. If we are ordered to evacuate, every resident must have a three-day emergency bag ready. Please, review the Residents Emergency Bag Checklist, which has the breakdown of what we suggest the emergency bag has. Please prepare your emergency bag and complete the Residents Emergency Bag Checklist (Exhibit D).

Are you taking your loved one home?

If your home is safe, we encourage you to assist in providing your loved one with a safe environment in your home. An emergency can bring uncertainty and stress to our elderly. Being surrounded by loved ones may give them the assurance needed to thrive. Please complete the Mutual Aid Agreement (Exhibit E) if you want to take your loved one home during an emergency.