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Capital Improvement Campaign
First Floor Rehabilitation Project
Construction Process
Phase I

Dining Room and Lobby.

Phase II

First Floor Rehabilitation (Other Areas: waiting area, residents’ interactive area, activity room, laundry room).

We are pleased to announce that Residential Plaza at Blue Lagoon is diligently working to complete Phase I of our 1st-floor rehabilitation project. This phase includes securing the necessary permits and transitioning residents back to the dining room once we receive the temporary certificate of occupancy. We are also preparing to initiate Phase II, focusing to start on renovating the Commercial Laundry area.

With the contributions of Miami-Dade County, the City of Miami, and the generosity of our community of support, we have embarked on rehabilitating our first floor.
The rehabilitation of the first floor responds to our commitment to offer our residents a conducive environment to maintain their dignity, independence, and purpose.
By rehabilitating the first floor, we are
seeking the following objectives:

● Continue providing supportive services to our residents (Food and activities)
● Provide an environment that maintains mobility,
● Offer a dignified space to:
– Improve the quality of life,
– Decrease depression and isolation among our residents.
● Bring the organization’s physical structure up to par with the ever-changing needs of our residents and the market.

We appreciate your patience while we make improvements to our assisted living community.
Phase I
Dining Room and Lobby

The dining room, the heart of our community, is an open concept that will offer restaurant-style balanced meals to our residents (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

The new Dining Room will count with a cafeteria open to our residents throughout the day to offer a wider variety of options.

Floor Plan
Phase II
First Floor Rehabilitation

(Other Areas: waiting area, residents’ interactive area, activity room, laundry room).

The new design will offer:

  • Ample waiting area for residents and visitors
  • Residents Interactive Area to facilitate residents’ use of digital technology for information, entertainment, communication with family members, and more.
  • Open concept activity room, welcoming more residents to participate.
  • An optimized laundry room to serve our residents better.
Floor Plan
Casual Dining
Main Dining
Dining Patio
The furniture you see is the style proposed, depending on availability.
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TOTAL PROJECT: $1,575,000
MONEY RAISED: $1,210,000
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