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Getting ready for the holidays?

Take these considerations into account to spend a comfortable holiday with the elderly in your family.

With the so many holidays around the corner from several religions, it’s the time for families to start preparing for travel, meals, and gatherings. Don’t forget to make special considerations to make older adults feel that they continue to be part of the family.

  1. Start with the meal

Respect for tradition: older adults have been creating their family meals for years. Seek their advice and include their opinion in meal planning. Maybe there are some recipes you’re looking forward to enjoying, the holidays are a great way to reconnect with the past, and food is a great way to evoke memories.

Be aware of dietary restrictions older adults may have. It never hurts to ask. Make sure the holidays are age-friendly; consider preparing foods that are easy to chew and digest.

  1. Be patient with the older adult

Stress levels during this time of year can sometimes be higher than usual. That’s why it’s essential to be patient with an older person. To keep stress levels low for an older parent, make sure everything is taken care of for them; their transportation to and from the events, as well as only allowing them to sit down and relax during the day or help if they wish.

  1. Stay together

If your older adults have traveled a considerable distance and stayed overnight, this is an excellent opportunity for them to spend extra time sharing about past holidays. Take out photo albums or scrapbooks and have a multigenerational gathering to remember the “good times” and the many good times to come. The holidays are an excellent opportunity to create a new page with all the generations present.

Family care extends beyond providing basic physical needs. It also involves assuring your elderly that they are a vital part of the family and that their contributions to the celebrations are appreciated. The holidays and an ideal opportunity to show your love and respect, especially for the older adults in your family.

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