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Safe Christmas for our grandparents

Preventative measures and activities that you should consider at this time of year.

Without a doubt, Christmas is a beautiful and emotional holiday for many, but above all, for our beloved older adults as it brings up memories they have had throughout their lives.

In the last month of the year, we cannot neglect the health and physical activities that can help our grandparents to obtain a better quality of life, remember that, during the Christmas festivities, we consume foods high in fat and sugar that in excess could cause harm, especially in the elderly.

Get to know the different tips that can help to have a safe and entertaining Christmas for the grandparents.

Maintain physical activity.

This point is one of the most important ones since in December many people stop exercising, this being a severe error, to avoid this from happening to create a different routine than what you have previously used to stay motivated.

Eat healthy.

The foods that the grandparents consume are also fundamental to prevent any illness that may cause having to spend this time of the year in a hospital, to avoid this, several factors that contribute to maintaining a healthy diet should be considered:

  • Do not consume foods that contain a lot of sugar and fat, more if you suffer from a problem such as hypertension, diabetes, among others.
  • Eat in considerable amounts. For no one is a secret that at Christmas many times we lose control with the amount of food we can eat, however, we must be cautious, especially when it comes to older people.

Have available the contacts of trusted doctors or first aid supplies.

It is quite unpleasant when our beloved elderly suffers some illness or discomfort at any time, but even more so at Christmas where everything should be about sharing with family members, however, if anything happens to our loved one it should be taken with great calm and seek a quick solution to alleviate the discomfort that afflicts him.

  • Call or go to the doctor who usually treats the person, in case of not finding him contact another professional quickly.
  • Try to understand the discomfort that the patient presents to generate serenity and comfort.
  • Do not self-medicate; this is extremely important since if we do not handle any knowledge of general medicine. Avoid taking any medication or starting treatment as it could cause more damage to the problem.

These are the recommendations that we provide so that our grandparents and seniors can have not only a quiet and safe Christmas but also a healthier life.

In the assisted living communities, these and many other recommendations are carefully considered and monitored to guarantee an optimal standard of living for the elderly.

Residential Plaza is an assisted living facility that provides an affordable home with assisted living services allowing older adults to live in a safe, caring, and supportive environment while maintaining their dignity, independence, and purpose.