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Stay positive in 2022!

Positive thinking and positive acting always bring positive consequences. It’s impossible to think that things can go wrong when you act that way. It would be best to keep up that attitude throughout the year, persevering and never giving up on adversity.

Consider the meaning of (your) life. If you are not living a meaningful life, no amount of “focus on the positive” and “count your blessings” can make you feel optimistic about your life.   Would you live your life the same way even if you knew that you only had a few days left on this Earth? If your answer is no, this may be the right time to make a change.   Living a more fulfilling life with purpose and meaning will guide you to a more positive path. Practice the following, and you will see results in no time.

Compassion for everyone – and that includes you! Remember, we are all doing our best, which is all that matters. I think so many of us are perfectionists, trying to be the best student, best daughter or son, best friend. We all know how tiring that can be.   Instead of judging yourself or others, let’s take the opportunity to acknowledge their efforts and achievements.   We all make mistakes. We can’t learn or grow without them, so celebrate the process, not the result.

Be present in the here and now. We can forget to enjoy our lives when we multi-task, live in the past, regret our decisions, and second-guess what could have been, or when we are too focused on the future.

Choose instead to live in the now. When you’re present, you can’t help but be positive because you will notice all the simple things that give you pleasure.

Self-care. Find time to take care of yourself! I know, who has time for that, right? But you do have time – and you need – to take care of yourself.

Whatever it is, find something that you enjoy doing and make it happen. It may be as simple as taking a long bath a couple of times a week. Don’t let others interrupt you when you have your “self-care” time. Plan this out and coordinate with others in your life so that they can cover you for this uninterrupted pleasure you deserve. Yes, you deserve it.

Set Boundaries (limits). Setting boundaries and limitations in your relationships with others (including family members) and within yourself can be one of the best ways to stay positive.

Don’t allow harmful interactions, guilt, or fear of losing a relationship to weigh you down. Know your limits and make them known. Don’t be afraid to say no. Sometimes you must eliminate certain people from your life if they are toxic.

Stay physically active. You’ve heard this before, but it’s worth repeating. There are mental health benefits to staying physically active! Researchers have found that physically active people have less stress and are healthier physically and mentally.

We wish you 12 months of success, 52 weeks of laughter, 365 days of fun!

by Maggie.