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Stay Prepared for the 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season

The Atlantic hurricane season is upon us. If your loved one is at Residential Plaza or any other long-term care facility, it’s crucial to be ready and informed.

Key Steps:

  • Stay Updated: Regularly monitor local news for weather updates.
  • Communicate with Residential Plaza: We continually update our emergency plans, including the Hurricane Preparedness Plan. Ensure you’re synced with our communications.
  • Home and Safety Precautions: Disconnect utilities if evacuating, secure important documents, and ensure your home is fortified.
  • Emergency Kit: Always have essentials ready – medications, documents, first-aid supplies, water, and non-perishable food.
  • Evacuation Plans: Familiarize yourself with local evacuation routes and protocols. If advised to evacuate, do so promptly.


A Message to Families of Residential Plaza Residents:

Your involvement and proactive approach are essential during emergencies. We urge families to:

  • Be Alert: Continually stay updated through Residential Plaza’s communications.
  • Acknowledge Policies: Please return the acknowledgment form for the Emergency In-Person Visitation Policy and Procedures located on our webpage to your assigned case manager.
  • Consider Safe Places: If feasible and safe, consider taking your loved one’s home during emergencies.
  • Stay Informed: If your loved one stays at Residential Plaza, know our emergency evacuation plan.

Your attentiveness to local news and our communications ensures the safety and well-being of everyone involved. Let’s remain vigilant and prepared together.