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The power of coming together!

Despite all the scientific and practical examples of the power of coming together as a community to solve problems we hesitate upon the opportunity to act.

We are not here to talk politics, but it’s very interesting what we have seen this year, how a relatively small country has come together to defy the power of a bigger and apparently stronger country. Ukraine has defied every prognostic by the power they have found in coming together to fight for a common cause.

Our society has multiple problems, and we cannot expect the local, state, or federal government to solve all of them. As a civil community we come together as non-profits to advocate for every need we think it needs our attention.

In our case, we advocate for low-income older adults in Miami-Dade. We have a problem of longevity presented by our wins in the health arena where life expectancy has increased, and in the other hand, we have a growing population of older adults in our county responding not only to the natural consequence of the baby boomer’s generation but ignited by a pleasant weather.

Residential Plaza in partnership with Assistance to the Elderly serves the low-income older adults in Miami-Dade since 1990. Our programs are diverse and strive to meet the needs of these demographics in different vital areas like affordable housing, memory care, rental assistance, among others.

Our annual fundraising event is fast approaching on Friday, May 20, 2022, at 6:30 PM at the University of Miami, Cuban Night.

We invite you to support our cause by becoming a corporate sponsor or donating by visiting: https://assistancetotheelderly.salsalabs.org/2022cubannight/index.html

We are counting on your generosity to maintain our programs that bring care and services to low-income older adults in Miami-Dade.

Don’t hesitate, come together with us to advocate for low-income older adults in our community!